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Snorkelling For All

This is the perfect introduction to snorkelling, the equipment, training and techniques. Written with the beginner in mind, the book covers snorkel diving as a holiday or expedition activity, in both temperate and tropical seas.
Retail Price : £14.99 Members Price : £12.99
Snorkelling for All

Weather At Sea - D Houghton

The weather affects everyone at sea. This book explains clearly the basic principles that govern the weather. You will learn how to get the most from weather maps and forecasts, deduce how the wind will be modified by the coast and whether or not a sea breeze will set in. You are shown how to keep an eye on the clouds, the waves and the barometer and how to anticipate hazards such as gales, thunderstorms and fog. Recommended for RYA/DTp Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster courses.
Price : £10.95
Weather at Sea

A Handbook of Knots and Knot Tying - Geoffrey Budworth

Over 200 techniques comprehensively illustrated in step-by-step photographs. All the key knot types covered: bends, hitches, bindings, loops, mats, plaits, rings and slings. Knot catagoies include general purpose and outdoor pusuits from caving and camping to angling and fishing. Information on cord and rope fibres, and an invaluable table charting the qualities and breaking strengths of each. 200 techniques with over 1200 step-by-step colour photographs.
The Complete Guide to Knots & Knot Ropework

Fish Face - David Doubilet

Fish hate to have their picture taken. They dislike it even more than cats, birds, wild orang-utans or two-year-olds - a fish portraitist is an underwater oxymoron. It is virtually impossible to be a Karsh of the coral reef. Exquisite photographic moments in the sea are even more rare than those on land, and time underwater is constantly constrained by physics and physiology.
For humans, fish appear as alien creatures living in a weightless twilight world. For fish, human divers appear to be not just aliens but true monsters with giant blank, masked eyes and Medusa-like pipes sprouting from their heads, making violent bubbling noises.
When we do meet it is fleeting, but at times we are face to face, and I am looking into the extraordinary turret eyesthat see 180 degrees on each side of the fish's face. Then there are small moments when suddenly there seems to be an expression.
Fish are caricatures of humans - floating cartoons. Groupers look like everybody's Uncle Max and should be smoking cigars. Parrot fish, with their protruding teeth, al lseem to be named Lou. The Red velvet fish from Tasmania has a swept back dorsal fin that resembles a pompadour, giving it an Elvis-like look. The Elephant fish looks like Eleanor Roosevelt or Margaret Thatcher.
There are crustaceansand turtles in this book as well as fish. I have included them because they share the same wonderful weightless expressions that fish have. And the variety is endless - from the nightmare-like faces of the Stargazer, to endearing faces like that of the Harlequin tusk fish with its tiny, bright blue, tusk-like teeth.
Most fish Pictures show fish swimming away into the blue, but for a moment, in this book, they look at us.
Price : £12.95
Fish Face

Marine fish and Invertebrates of Northern Europe - Frank Emil Moen & Erling Svensen

RRP £39.99, Special BSAC Members Price £29.99
Foreward by Prof David Bellamy OBE., BSc., PhD., Hon: FLS., DSc., D.Univ., C.Biol. President of The Conservation Foundation, Coral Cay Conservation, The marine Conservation Society of Australia and The Galapagos Conservation Trust.
"Based on sound science and wreathed with real life pictures this superb book not only allows you to name their names but to understand the roles each creature plays in the balance of marine life.
This very useful book will not only speed our understanding and hence enjoyment of all we see when down beside or below the sea, but will allow us to interface with our ancestors over the last 600 million years of creative evolution. Our genesis, via the not so simple sponges through the sea squirts to the fishes and beyond are all there waiting for you to discover."
Marine fish and Invertebrates of Northern Europe

Great British Marine Animals (2nd Edition) - Paul Naylor

From the majestic basking shark, the second largest fish in the world, to the tiny but dazzlingly colourful jewel anemone, a spectacular array of animals live in British coastal waters. Just as impressive as their wide-ranging sizes, forms and colours, are the amazing ways they get food, defend themselves and produce their young.
Great British Marine Animals will open your eyes to the beautiful and extraordinary creatures that inhabit the sea around us. Photographs are used both to aid identification of the common animals and to show how they go about their lives. The book is written for anyone who loves the sea or is fascinated by wildlife, including snorkellers and divers.
What reviewers said about the 1st edition of Great British Marine Animals:
"...Naylor's photographs disclose a world that is intensly colourful not only in the visual sense, but also because of the behaviour of its varied inhabitants." The Independent
" all excellent ...essential reading for anyone who wants a bit more than a name for a sea creature." BBC Wildlife Magazine
"...highly recommended to all with an interest in our native marine life." British Wildlife
"A magical book crammed with colourful photograhy of marine life round the UK shore." The Teacher
"If I were to recommend a single species guide to UK divers, this would be the one." DIVE magazine
Most of the material in this 2nd edition of Great British Marine Animals is the same as in the 1st edition. The book has been expanded to include details of 30 additional species, and 90 of the 420 photographs are new. By popular demand, the front cover has been changed to incorporate the charismatic tompot blenny.
Great British Marine Animals

British Sea Fishes - Dr Frances Dipper

If you are a diver, snorkeller, sports fisherman, or seashore enthusiast this book is for you. Revised, and expanded to cover more species in greater detail, this new edition of British Sea Fishes is devoted entirely to the fish found around the coasts of Great Britain - and most of the 100-plus species described are illustrated with colour photographs of the fishes in their natural habitat. An accurate drawing serves to highlight important identification features. Combined with the clear, simple and informative text, it should allow even complete beginners to identify accurately the fish they see. 185mm x 240mm softback. 194pp.
British Sea Fishes

Diving & Snorkelling Bali & Lombok - P White, T Rock & S Hinderks

Diving & Snorkelling Bali & Lombok

Oscar the Basking Shark - Paul Critcher

Oscar the basking shark is feeling hungry, but what is it that he likes to eat?
'Is it you that I like to eat?' he asks the diver, the seal and the ray.
Join Oscar in his search for a meal as he meets a variety of marine animals.
The first in the 'A drop in the ocean' series, this book includes stunning marine life photography with easy-to-understand fact boxes for the younger reader.
Oscar the Basking Shark

Jackie the Seal - Paul Critcher

Jackie the seal is upset, he doesn't think he can do anything. "What am I good at?" he asks, as he tries to jump like a dolphin, hide like a scorpionfish and see like a squid.
Join Jackie on his journey through the ocean as he meets a variety of marine animals.
The second in the 'A drop in the ocean' series, this book includes great marine life photography with easy-to-understand fact boxes.
Jackie the Seal

Under Water To Get Out Of The Rain - Trevor Norton

This is the beautifully told tale of Norton's growing love of the sea, from family holidays in Whitley Bay as a boy, to his first over zealous attempts at diving. All that we know and love of the British seaside weaves throughout this funny, nostalgic and richly told memoir. Fortune telling gypsies found on crumbling promenades, lighthouses standing to attention, fishing villages giving way to arcades and brass bands and sand-playing in the bracing chill of a British summer. Throughout, Norton introduces us to a eclectic mix of sea-loving characters all of whom have helped to inform and shape his own journey to becoming a marine biologist. Like the early guides to the seashore by the Naturalist Philip Henry Gosse as much a part of the myth and history of the British coastline as fishermen's tales of mermaids and eerie monsters beneath the waves. This is both a history and a memoir of an enduring, if at times perplexing, love of the sea that won't fail to resonate with all who have had felt the pull of the shores.
Under Water To Get Out Of The Rain
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